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not quite Oprah

theory book club
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All Members , Moderated
Reading group in literary and cultural theory. Companion/sibling community to literary_theory.

Currently we are reading and discussing Fredric Jameson's Postmodernism. Feel free to join the discussion.

created and maintained by anonymid
co-maintained by heterotopic
academia, aesthetics, affect, ambiguity, aristotle, binary oppositions, camille paglia, chicago school, claude levi-strauss, cleanth brooks, close reading, context, continental philosophy, critical theory, criticism, critique, cultural materialism, cultural studies, deconstruction, derrida, difference, discourse, drama, edward said, elaine showalter, epistemology, erich auerbach, essentialism, ethics, eve kosofsky sedgwick, feminist theory, ferdinand de saussure, fiction, formalism, frankfurt school, fredric jameson, french feminism, freud, gayatri spivak, gender studies, genre theory, georg lukacs, gerard genette, gilbert and gubar, gilles deleuze, gynocriticism, harold bloom, helene cixous, henry louis gates jr., hermeneutics, historiography, history, homi bhabha, humanism, husserl, identity, ideology, influence, intellectual history, intention, interpretation, intertextuality, jane tompkins, jean baudrillard, jean-francois lyotard, jean-paul sartre, jonathan culler, judith butler, julia kristeva, kant, kenneth burke, lacan, language, linguistics, literary criticism, literary history, literary theory, literature, logic, logocentrism, louis althusser, luce irigaray, marxist theory, matthew arnold, meaning, michel foucault, mikhail bakhtin, misreading, modernism, myth criticism, narrative, narrative theory, narratology, neo-aristotelianism, new criticism, new historicism, nietzsche, northrop frye, objectivity, paul de man, pedagogy, phenomenology, philology, philosophy, poetics, poetry, politics, postcolonial theory, postmodernism, poststructuralism, practical criticism, pragmatism, psychoanalytic theory, queer theory, race, raymond williams, reader-response theory, reading, reception theory, representation, rhetoric, roland barthes, romanticism, russian formalism, samuel johnson, semiotics, slavoj zizek, speech act theory, stanley fish, structuralism, stylistics, subjectivity, t. s. eliot, terry eagleton, textuality, the author, the canon, the enlightenment, the reader, the sublime, the text, theodor adorno, theory, tradition, umberto eco, universality, value judgments, walter benjamin, william empson, writing