anonymid (anonymid) wrote in theorybookclub,

are we ready for a vote?

Okay, so based on the discussion in this post, it seems fair enough, I hope, for me to declare Derrida's Writing and Difference and Jameson's The Political Unconscious the two finalists for our first selection. Perhaps someone with a paid account would like to make a simple poll for this, just to make tabulating the votes a little easier . . .

Also, we should probably agree on some guidelines, protocol, timeframe, etc.--as in, how long should we spend per book? Does a book a month sound appropriate? Should we let people read the book first and then start discussion at a designated date, or would it be okay for folks to just begin posting whenever they like? Personally, since we're dealing with theoretical/philosophical texts here rather than ficitonal/dramatic ones, the latter option seems preferable to me. It's not like "spoiling the plot" is an issue, and besides, I kind of like the idea of posting and commenting throughout the reading process--seems to me like it would be a useful way to go about reading and discussing dense, difficult texts like these.

Anyway, please offer your feedback on these logistical matters; someone with a paid account will, I hope, volunteer to put up an "official" poll, and we'll go from there . . .
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