anonymid (anonymid) wrote in theorybookclub,

introductory post

Okay, a couple things to start off. First, I'd like to have a co-mod, preferably someone who has some experience running and/or participating in book club -style LJ communities (I've never done either, myself)--someone who has a sense of what works and what doesn't (in terms of choosing books, making a schedule, running a good discussion, etc.). You may volunteer yourself or nominate someone else.

* Also, feel free to promote the community whenever/wherever you feel comfortable doing so. A large group would be great, although a small group of active, serious, engaged readers would also be fine, as far as I'm concerned.

* We'll probably wait a few weeks before formally getting started, since I imagine many/most of us are busy enough as it is with end-of-the-semester schoolwork.

* In the meantime, though, you can start making suggestions for possible selections. (I'll make a separate post for this.)

You may comment on this post with any suggestions/questions/ideas regarding how this community will work. Let's hope this actually goes somewhere!
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