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Derrida it is

Well, it appears that Derrida's Writing and Difference is going to be our first selection, so we might as well start formalizing things. For one thing, we have to decide is how long to spend on each book; my sense is either three or four weeks. If we do three weeks per book, we can cover four books over the summer; if we do four weeks per book, we can cover three. So let me know what sounds like a good idea to you. Another option, of course, is that we can take each book as it goes, and decide collectively when we feel ready to move on to the next book. (Personally, though, I prefer sticking to a rough schedule.)

Also--and this we don't need to decide right away--I think it would be sensible, looking down the road, to make The Political Unconscious our second book, since it got so much overwhelming support in the "preliminaries," as it were. We can, of course, put it up to another vote when the time comes, if people prefer.

Now, I'm still finishing up work for the semester, as I'm sure others are, too, but let's say that, starting this weekend, you can begin posting about Writing and Difference. In the meantime, you can find yourself a copy, if you haven't already, and start reading. (Since we're reading theoretical/philosophical texts and not dramatic/narrative ones, "spoiling the plot" isn't an issue, so you can just post as you go; there's no need to neatly separate our reading of the text from our discussion of it.)
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